Tiffany Andrya Ferrary 


 My life is my Music! One awesome experience was singing at The Wembley Arena last March! Thanks for following & joining my official f/book group THANKS❤️


''I will never leave you'' From the musical ''sideshow'' by Jeslyn and Tiffany Ferrary


''Footprints in the sand'' ''Leona Lewis'' cover by Tiffany Ferrary


''and I am telling you'' From the Musical ''Dreamgirls'' by Tiffany Ferrary

Published on Sep 4, 2012

Concert at the Gibraltar Fair 2012, one of my chosen songs, ''and I am telling you'' from the Musical ''Dream Girls'' I hope you like it xx

Coincidentally I am proud to say that this video entry has won me the Voice in a million competition and I will be performing live at The London Wembley Arena in March 2014! I am still reeling from the shock and feel like I am in a dream! I want to thank EVERYONE who cared enough and believed in me to make this possible!! 




Tiffany Ferrary with Santos Choir 'I surrender' Celine Dion


Tiffany Ferrary ''Like I can'' ''Sam Smith'' cover


Tiffany singing 'clown' cover by 'Emeli Sande'


'wrecking ball' 'Miley Cirus' cover by 'Tiffany Ferrary'


'Listen' Beyonce cover by Tiffany


"Proud Mary" Fan Video


'Titanium' cover, by Tiffany Ferrary


Tiffany Ferrary ''The greatest love of all''


'Diamond in the sky' cover by Tiffany Ferrary