Taylor George - Guitarist - San Diego, Ca - b.1994



VEVO - You Play Like A Girl (Taylor)


Leave My Girl Alone by Stevie Ray Vaughan (Cover by Taylor George)


Crossfire by Stevie Ray Vaughan (Cover by Taylor)


Intros and Solos


The Pusher - Steppenwolf (cover by Taylor)


Dedicated to RNRHOFer SRV...RIP Texas Flood


Black and Blue (Cover by Taylor George)


Guitar Exercise No. 37 (Finger Slide v Whammy Bar)


Red House (Woodstock Intro) (Cover by Taylor George)


Unskinny Bop


Modern Day Cowboy


Europa (Cover by Taylor George)


Dedicated to and in memory of 9/11 victims


Red House - Studio Version (Cover by Taylor George)


November Rain (Solos #1 & 2)


                                No Sleep Til Brooklyn (Cover by Taylor)


Bonfire (Cover by Taylor)


                                     25 or 6 to 4 Solo dedicated to Larry L -                                    Hope you feel better soon, Taylor


Crazy Guitar Sh*t


                           Dedicated to Heisenberg (Season 1 Episode 7)


                Favorite Part of Race with Devil (By Taylor George)


Lutres (Audition for Cirque du Soleil...decided to play it alittle differently


                               Blues Noodling


                                The Wind Cries Mary (Cover by Taylor)


                            Purple Haze (Cover by Taylor George)


                               One Step Closer (Cover by Taylor)


                 Basic Guitar Exercise Nos. 1 & 2 (Chromatic)


Epilogue for Lisa by Shawn Lane (Cover by Taylor)


Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt (Cover by Taylor)


Worlds Best 16 year old Guitarist - Game Master Exercise Group (Game Changer Revisited)


Ambitious by Jeff Beck (Cover by Taylor)


Intruder by Van Halen/EVH (Cover by Taylor)

Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson (Cover by Taylor)


The Attitude Song by Steve Vai (Cover by Taylor)


Zakks Farewell Ballad (Cover by Taylor)


12 year old girl guitarist ERUPTION/YOU REALLY GOT ME


Judas Priest - Pain Killer -12 year old girl guitarist