Sapphire - b 2003

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 This girl has performed in approximately 160 first class videos. Not all on this site due to practical constraints. To see more of them, click for Sapphire's You Tube site: Sapphire Official.

What's My Name - "Descendants 2" | Cover by Sapphire
Instruction - Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato, Stefflon Don | Cover by Sapphire
Malibu - Miley Cyrus | Cover by Sapphire
Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran | Cover by Sapphire

Sign Of The Times - Harry Styles | Cover by Sapphire

Added 21st May 2017


When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne | Sapphire

Added 26th March 2016

 Sapphire, the youngest in team Together in Harmony, Sapphires an extremely talented  singer and vocalist from the UK. Having started singing at the age of only 3, Sapphire was very quickly in the lime-light and performed solo and with groups in many stage performances in London. After a 3 year period of singing at the performing arts academy in London Sapphire decided a change of course was needed, so she started a successful Youtube Channel ( The channel to date has over 26,000 subscribers and over 3.7 million views Internationally. Sapphire has a worldwide fan base and independent fan clubs in multiple countries, including UK, and around the world including Indonesia and the Philippines! Sapphire's fan-base continues to grow everyday via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In 2013 Sapphire released her debut singles 'Rock Away' and 'And I Cry' through iTunes.

Also, Sapphire has also achieved the following in 2012/2013:

 Number 1 on the worldwide chart (the youngest ever winner at 9 years old!!)

. Winner Music For Kids International 2013 in Romania (live on Romanian TV 'RTV3')
. OpenMicUK Grand Finalist 2013
. Top 5 in the UK for Pop music
. Released two original songs to iTunes - 'And I Cry' and 'Rock Away' 2013
. Star Sensations Grand Finalist 2012, 2013
. Winner Kids Fest Music Contest 2012
. 'I Like It' - Rising Star of 2012 award
. Blue Peter 'Silver' badge winner for musical contributions to charities in the UK

 What did you take away from your weekend?

I made some new amazing friends and learnt so much about how a song is produced in a studio with a professional team of producers, engineers and of course other artists.

Where can you see Sapphire ?
I will be performing in different events across the world in 2014! Check my Facebook page for the latest. Most of my fans see me on Youtube though, I am so lucky to have fans from virtually every country in the world! My Youtube channel is here

Sapphires details are as follows

Twitter: @sapphiresing

Sapphire has also worked and collaborated with other well known young performers including Hollie Steel from Britains Got Talent amongst others.

Sapphire's aim with her music is to make people smile and to save and protect the planet.

Sapphire has weekly singing and guitar lessons and is educated at home.

 So how did you get involved ?

Following my performance at OpenMicUK Gary Gardner called my dad and said he would like me to be involved in this really exciting project, I was bouncing around the house when I heard! Singing this song and raising money for Jack Rigby and others like him was a big honour to me. I was really lucky to perform with such a fantastic group of artists in the world famous Metropolis Studios.

Why did you give up your weekend to record the track?
I gave up my weekend to support young Jack Rigby and others like him. I feel really sad that Jack is now going to grow up without his dad. To give up my weekend was nothing compared to that.


Adele - All I Ask - Cover by 13 year old Sapphire

 OneRepublic - Counting Stars by 8 year old Skye & 10 year old Sapphire

 Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Idina Menzel Disney Cover by Sapphire 11 Years Old - Demi Lovato

 The Vamps - Last Night (11 year old Sapphire cover)

 LIVE Performance - Sapphire 10yrs "Rolling In The Deep" "Adele"

Ariana Grande - Problem ft. Iggy Azalea - Cover by Sapphire ft. Skye (Little Mix - Mashup)!)

 Avicii - Wake Me Up - cover by 10 year old Sapphire

 Little Mix - Salute - 11 year old Sapphire & 8 year old Skye - cover

 Jessie J - Price Tag - LIVE cover by 11 year old Sapphire

 The Vamps - Somebody to You - Cover by 11 Year Old Sapphire

 Sapphire Exclusive News - with SkyeTV1 News Finland 2014

 Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne) - Rather Be - Cover by 11 Year Old Sapphire

 Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down - 11 year old Sapphire cover

 Need You Now - Lady Antebellum - Duet with Sapphire and Alexandru

 One Direction - You and I - 11-year-old Sapphire cover

 Little Mix - Word Up! cover by 11 year old Sapphire - Cameo

The Vamps - Last Night (11 year old Sapphire cover) 

 One Direction - Story of My Life - 11 year old Sapphire LIVE cover

 Sapphire LIVE show from The Music Mill

 Birdy - Not About Angels "The Fault In Our Stars" soundtack - cover by 11-year-old Sapphire

 Tomorrow - "Annie" the musical & movie - by 11 year old Sapphire LIVE