Beautiful Ribbons and Curls 3

Talent and superstar status can come in many guises. One can be natural visual beauty. Girls at pre-teen age bracket are more likely to be beautiful than teenagers or young women. That's mainly because their beauty is more likely to be natural - no make up. The expression 'Ribbons and Curls' is taken from Cockney (London) rhyming slang. It's often abbreviated to just 'Ribbons'. Ribbons and Curls rhymes with Girls. 

A typical example of Cockney rhyming slang might be: "Ask the bins if they'd like to go for a ball down the frog and go to the rub-a-dub. 

In English: "Ask the kids (bin lids) if they'd like to go for a walk (ball of chalk) down the road (frog and toad) and go to the pub (rub-a-dub).