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 Rhema Marvanne - Daystar TV - Christmas LIVE 12/2010

 Tribute to Families of Newtown CT - 7 yr old Rhema sings Amazing Grace

 Rhema sings 'No More Night'. Breathtaking from 3:20 secs to the end.

 Rhema's 3rd Album-"Believe" Preview

 LIVE- Disney Dream Cruise "Note To God" Part 3

 My Story - Note To God

 TV Commerical - Hope Joy and Victory

 Rhema Marvanne 8 yrs old sings Gospel- a first for China TV- 300 million viewers.

 The Lord's Prayer

 Rhema and Kenneth Copeland rehearsing at convention in Fort Worth, TX

 Rhema Marvanne in the News - DFW Reporting - 2010

 Rhema Marvanne on DayStar Part 1

 Rhema Marvanne on DayStar Part 2

 Rhema Marvanne on DayStar Part 3

 Rhema Marvanne, (Part 1) -- International News - 44 Countries

 Rhema Marvanne, (Part 2) -- International News - 44 Countries

 Rhema Marvanne, (Part 3) -- International News - 44 Countries

 Rhema Marvanne Thankyou and sings I Love the Lord - Whitney Houston

 Fort Hood Remembrance Ceremony