American Little Big Shots from NBC

Unfortunately, as of mid June 2017, many of these videos have been withdrawn from the UK viewers. They are being left on this site in case they can be viewed in the USA. Maybe we'll get them back someday.
Fortunately, the British and Russian clips are still available. 

She Is Small but Mighty (Episode Highlight)

Published on Mar 26, 2017

Angelina is seven and can take down wrestlers of any gender.

Jeffrey Li and Celine Tam
Evnika Saadvakass - speed puncher. In USA in 2016, she did 206 punches in 30 seconds
In July 2017 in England, Evnika managed 356 punches in 30 seconds
Bella on Little Big Shots 2017 - she does archery with her feet.
Beauty and the Beast | Tale As Old As Time - Claire Ryann (Just Turned 4 years old) and the Crosbys
See the Light (Tangled Lantern Song) - 3-Year-Old Claire Ryann and Dad
We snuk in one from Australia because we don't have enough of them to create a page. This kid is very good at 'tumbling'.
Meet Alexa, one of the most talented and adorable 6-year old gymnasts in the world. Watch as she stuns the Little Big Shots Australia crowd with her amazing routine.

Meet Bella The 4 Year Old Polyglot | Little Big Shots Australia