Kristina Pimenova

vies with 5 year old Anastaysia Knyazeva for the title of 

The world's most beautiful girl.
DoB 27 December 2005 -- Capricorn

Moscow, Russia (Now lives in Los Angeles)

Height, 4 feet, 6 inches (137 cm) (in March 2017)

Weight, 25 Kg (55 lbs - 3 St 13 lbs)

  • Parents - Her mother is a model too (Glikeriya Shirokova) and her father is a soccer player (Ruslan Pimenov)
  • Social statistics -  She has huge social media rankings, with more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram and over 4.4 million likes on Facebook
  • How it all started - She started modelling when she was 3 years old. People would tell her mother all the time how adorable Kristina was and suggested that she should try modelling. She appeared on the cover of Vogue Bambini.
  • Interests - She is interested in gymnastics, travelling, modelling and acting
  • Big contracts - She had modelling contracts with important designers: Roberto Cavalli and Armani.

Best Photos
                                                                                                                      This from Women Daily Magazine:

The little and incredibly beautiful 11 years old Russian model Kristina Pimenova has an angel face. Kristina is from Moscow and has been modelling since the age of 4. Her mother has been working as a model as well and involved her daughter into the glamour world of fashion.

With a stunning azure, blue eyes and angelic appearance, there is no doubt that many enchanting all important and famous fashion names have remained enthralled by her beauty, so it’s no wonder that Kristina is already on the cover of the prestigious Vogue Bambini.

Kristina has already had fashion collaborations with the greatest designer brands like Roberto Cavalli and Benetton.

This young model will be known in the world of fashion in the near future.

Her perfect beauty will dazzle you for sure. Take a look at some of the Kristina`s pictures:

New Photos 2017
New Photos 2016
Kristina Pimenova is Russian born and the youngest supermodel ever.  At the age of nine she was dubbed "the most beautiful girl in the world."  She was shot for Vogue and has graced the covers of more fashion magazines than any other child model in the world, modeling for such noted brands as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and Benetton. Kristina is not only a stunning model, she’s also exceptionally talented and more than capable of becoming a major Hollywood actress.
From my Blog

Kristina Pimenova is said to be the world’s most beautiful girl. So far, I haven't found a reason to cast doubt upon that claim, so until (or unless) someone does so, she is the world’s most beautiful girl. I guess every superlative title is at risk eventually. Someone else wants it, so enjoy it while you can Kris.

It’s a sad and unfortunate circumstance, that when someone is successful, someone else will try to denigrate that person. Is it jealousy, is it an excuse for one’s own weaknesses, or is it just blatant arrogance? I suspect it's all of those. That is happening in this case. As I scroll through Kristina’s Facebook site (managed by her mother), I find the most distasteful comments. Some contributors are insulting other visitors, some are criticizing and insulting Kristina’s mother for allowing Kristina to do what she does. I don’t know exactly how to categorize this, but I can say that some of the comments delivered via internet anonymity, say more about the composers of them than about the people they are directed at. 

On the other hand, some men make comments about how they love Kristina and want to marry her and kiss her, etc. She's a child!!! Pretty disgusting. 
Same Old Love (Selena Gomez)
I Don't Wanna live Forever.
What is Kristina’s function? What is the purpose of her being photographed and her images posted on the internet? Why doesn’t she just be a normal little girl, one who sits staring at an iPhone or iPad all day long (forget that ideological image that some people project about little girls going outside and playing in the sun. Those days are long gone)? Well, that is answered by another question: why should she?

Many of us are born with talents. It’s God’s way of blessing us all differently. Some children are brilliant concert pianists before their tenth birthday, some are violinists, some are opera singers, some can even win America’s Got Talent amidst fierce competition from seasoned adults (check out Grace VanderWaal and others on this site and the Genius Piano Kids site). Should all of these be just normal little girls, should they hide their talents under a bushel (Matthew 5:15 - Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house).

So, that said, what is Kristina’s talent? It’s what God has blessed her with, her good looks. It has been stated that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and at this time, I can’t find any evidence to challenge that claim. So, if she has this talent, why should she waste it? OK, she’s very young but beauty is a young girl’s sport. It’s more natural for a girl child than a teenager. Older girls and women tend to destroy their looks by using beauty products - their beauty is now painted on and applied artificially. A girl child does not need to do this, it's there naturally. 
Milan, Italy
So, Kristina is beautiful. Now, what does beautiful mean? What is beauty?  It’s a combination of qualities that are pleasing to the aesthetic senses. So how do we extract the benefits of beauty? It depends on what form that beauty takes. If it’s a beautiful smell, we smell it. If it’s a beautiful taste, we taste it. If it’s a beautiful sound, we listen to it. If it’s a beautiful sight, we look at it. WHOA, Hold it right there. The beautiful sight might be a little girl. If anyone is seen staring at a little girl, in the society in which we now live, that person is a pervert.  Forget the fact that little girls love to be told that they're pretty, forget the fact that mom has spent a lot of time adding ornaments to her hair and restyling her hair, forget the pretty dress that the girl is wearing for the first time and wants to hear positive comments about. Yes, forget all of that. If you so much as look at her, you're a pervert. It's sad, very sad.

Now, finally, why do we look at Kristina’s Facebook site and all of its pictorial content? We look at the site because that’s what it’s there for. It’s to spread Kristina’s message to the world and promote her career and her beauty. To be honest, if you were the best in the world at anything at all, I'm convinced you would take every step to make sure as many people as possible, were informed of it. If that were not so, we would be deprived of talent, there would be no music, no art and no inventions. 

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