Jessica Gardlund - Stockholm - Sweden (Now L.A.)
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I love to create. Just like anybody. I have found my expression in music in terms of playing guitar, singing, songwriting, and producing. I admire a lot of the great names throughout the history and I take inspiration from the small things in life. Im not only striving to get better at my profession and passion, but to also get more true to myself by every day. Great music for me is not defined by a genre, but rather by good story telling and the feeling. I want to share my stories with you, with my music or with a simple picture of what's going on in my life. Thanks for the support.
A Part Of Me (Original) Jessica Gardlund
Tapping lick by Jessica Gardlund
Sweeping guitar Jessica Gardlund
Bach Mock - Jessica Gardlund
Night Rain -  Jessica Gardlund
Wieniawsky op.22 D-minor - Jessica Gardlund
Slide Guitar open D Jessica Gardlund
Jessica Gardlund Yngwie Malmsteen Blue
Bach Invention for Harpsichord no8
Take Me Home - Jessica Gardlund
Jessica Gardlund - Bach Invention for Harpsichord no8
Jessica Gardlund - "Live it High"