Perth, Western Australia

DoB 13 Sept 1999

 Jasmine Clarke was born on the 13th September 1999 in Perth, Western Australia to  a Chinese mother and an Australian father. She has a brother and a sister. Jasmine started to show an interest in music at an early age with her 1st song at the age of four.

She has been on television on two occasions , whilst aged nine and eleven. The second time, she was the opening act for the Channel Seven Perth Telethon, believed to be the most successful fundraising event  in the world during 2010, sharing the stage with

 previous Australian Idol winners, performing before over two million viewers. Jasmine has been training  since 2010, the last two years under the tutelage of a retired tenor based in Paris France, founded on the techniques of Bel Canto. Although Bel Canto is associated with Opera, Jasmine is applying these principles to the genres ofSoul, R&B and Pop. Jasmine is noted for her extended range and vocal maturity that belies both her age and physicality, favoring songs from the likes of Whitney Houston,

 Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Emeli Sande. In August of 2009, Jasmine began posting cover videos on YouTube and has since amassed almost five million views as at the end of October 2013, accompanied by a subscriber count of over 37.385 averaging 280 per week and increasing.These statistics were garnered without active marketing of any kind, relying only on word of mouth or through viewers simply stumbling across her videos.

In October and December of 2011, Jasmine was invited to Los Angeles to meet and work with Grammy award winning producer Devine Evans, and Grammy nominee Dre Knight, culminating in the recording of six original tracks in as many days, receiving much attention and praise for someone who had only turned twelve two months earlier.
Jasmine was personally invited by the executive producer of Australia’s Got Talent to go straight through to the live shows in March 2012 and similarly by Korean K-Pop reality show, MBC Star Audition in August of the same year. Although these unsolicited invitations were respectfully declined, it was further evidence of a growing recognition in her potential, both nationally and internationally.
Jasmine plays piano and has been taking instruction for the last two years and is keen to extend her instruments to include guitar.
Jasmine's first original song is called "Nothing to Hide".Few months later, she recorded her 2nd original "Set Sail to the Sky".
Now, Jasmine's first EP ¨14¨ is coming! 3 of 5 songs were announced: "Free", "Crush" and "Shadow".
Crush was written by Jasmine and it's available on Youtube and you also can buy on iTunes!
Jasmine’s desire to become a professional singer has not waivered and continues to strengthen as each year unfolds, working diligently on her vocal delivery and presence while still retaining the affable, down to earth personality that has been so well received by music professionals within Australia and the United States.

                              Taken from Jasmine Clarke Music by Hagda Suane

 Bruno Mars ~ When I Was Your Man cover (Acoustic) ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o

 Beyonce cover ~ If I Were a Boy ~ Jasmine Clarke

 My Immortal ~ Evanescence cover ~ Jasmine Clarke

 Jasmine Clarke (Original) ~ Shadow 14 y/o

 Rihanna ~ Stay Cover ~ Jasmine Clarke

 Slow Motion ~ Karina Pasian cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 14 y/o

 Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" ~ Idina Menzel / Demi Lovato cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 14 y/o

 Beyonce ~ Listen cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 12 y/o

 Jasmine Clarke 11 y/o ~ Nothing to Hide (Original) ~ Official Music Video

 Jasmine Clarke (Original) ~ Shadow 14 y/o

 Whitney Houston Tribute ~ How Will I Know cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 12 y/o

 Alicia Keys ~ Tears Always Win cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o

 Treasure ~ Bruno Mars cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o

 Kelly Clarkson ~ My Grown Up Christmas List cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 14 y/o

 Beyonce ~ Sweet Dreams Acoustic cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 14 y/o

 Taeyeon 태연 ~ If 만약에 cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 14 y/o

 Jasmine Clarke (Original) ~ Crush 14 y/o

 Demi Lovato ~ Give Your Heart A Break ~ Jasmine Clarke & Jasmine Thompson aka Tantrum Jas

 Ariana Grande ~ Almost Is Never Enough ft. Nathan Sykes cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 14 y/o

 Jessie J ~ Wild Cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o

 Jasmine Clarke ~ Tonight / R.I.P Acoustic Cover ~ Jessica Sanchez / Rita Ora ~ 13 y/o

 Lee Hi 이하이 ~ 1,2,3,4 cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o

 I'm Goin Down cover ~ Mary J. Blige ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o

 Pink ~ Try cover ~ Jasmine Clarke ~ 13 y/o

 Emeli Sande ~ Clown cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o

 Beneath Your Beautiful cover ~ Labrinth & Emeli Sande ~ Adien Lewis & Jasmine Clarke

 Jasmine Clarke (Original) ~ Set Sail for the Sky ~ Official Lyric Video

 Euphoria ~ Eurovison 2012 winner (Sweden) ~ Loreen cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 12 y/o

 Beyonce ~ I Was Here cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 12 y/o

 I Will Always Love You ~ Whitney Houston cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 12 y/o

 Pink ~ Bridge of Light cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 12 y/o

 Lady Antebellum - Need You Now(Collaboration with Jasmine Clarke)