Heavenly Joy Jerkins - Calabasas, Ca. - Aged 6 (2016) 


Heavenly Joy is ready to wage WAR against the enemy!

Heavenly Joy spreads joy to others for Christmas


5yr old HeavenlyJoy sings Whitney's 'Who Would Imagine'.


Heavenly Joy, Joy Enriquez & The Salvation Army Ensemble Perform "Shine" at The Sally Awards 2015


Joy Enriquez - Hallelujah (Lyric Video) ft. Lindsey Stirling


5 Year Old Heavenly Joy sings "Climb Every Mountain"


Heavenly Joy Jerkins Sings "War" on Praise the Lord, Sept 2, 2015


Joy Enriquez - HALLELUJAH


Incredible 5 year old Heavenly Joy sings Impossible Dream for thousands


In Summer- Frozen - Olaf- 4 years old


Do you want to build a Snowman- Frozen