Little girls with unbelievable strength

One Armed Gymnast | Whitney Bjerken

Isabelle's audition for AGT!
Isabelle Roberts - Gymnastics Skill Progress [Age 4-7 ~ Future Olympic Contender]
Isabelle Roberts - Amazingly flexible 7 year old gymnast!
Never Give Up!
Sabrina Voinea - Amazing 9 year old Romanian gymnast!
Nelli Audi - Amazing 11 year old Russian gymnast!
Sydney Morris - Amazing 12 year old gymnast! (Level 10)
2 Future Olympians - Konnor & Sydney (2024)
Emily Moskalenko, număr spectaculos de acrobație la bară
America's Got Talent 2016 Semi-Finals Sofie Dossi Amazing Kid Contortionist S11E20
Elizabeth Swims
Elizabeth is going to teach us how to swim deep. Follow these simple instruction and you will be swimming to the bottom of any pool in no time. Watch Elizabeth as she gives you step by step instructions. Practice swimming deeper and deeper. When first learning to swim, be sure to start in shallow water that you can stand up in. Then, slowly work your way to deeper and deeper water as you gradually get more comfortable with you ability to swim deep. "How to Swim Deep" is just one of our many "How To" videos that we will be uploading this year. Enjoy your swim and good luck swimming down deep. Don't forget to equalize so you don't hurt your ears. Watch the video to the end to find out how to equalize without hurting your ears. Thanks for watching, and remember if you like our videos be sure to SMASH the subscribe button and ring the bell so you can get notifications when we up load our next swimming video. This video was filmed at the following locations: Adventure Scuba: Tom Muehlenbeck Center: Jack Carter Pool:
Elizabeth Teaches us how to hold your breath underwater. She also shows a few techniques to keep water out of your nose. She teaches static breath hold as well as active breath hold. In no time you too can be holding your breath underwater.
Australia's Got Talent 2011 - KLD X-Treme Air Force (Danger Zone)
Contortion Training