Girls of the World Have Got Talent

International Spin-off of Britain's Got Talent.
4 year old Bella speaks seven languages.
ALL judges shocked!! Little Girl 6 yo Shocked People in the hall! Bulgaria Got Talent 2016
Jaklin Tarakci - Bulgaria Got Talent 2016
Кристина Арабаджиева Излеял Делю хайдутин
Кристина Арабаджиева Камино www uget in
Claudya Fritska Makes Everyone Cry by Her Voice - Audition 2 - Indonesia's Got Talent

Blinded by cancer never makes Claudia Fritzka give up on her dreams. Singing Celine Dion's song with her extraordinary voice.
Amazing 8-year-old Nisma Putri sings ‘Listen’ by Beyonce’ - Indonesia’s Got Talent 2014

Published on Apr 26, 2014

"Little girl, Ariana Nisma Putri was born blind. But Through her voice she sees the world in different way. 

Putri Ariani sings "My Heart Will Go On" - RESULT SHOW - Indonesia's Got Talent
Putri Ariani Sings "Bahasa Kalbu" - GRAND FINAL - Indonesia's Got Talent
10 Year Old Shaquilla Rahmadina Amazes Judges With Her Opera Singing - Audition 1 - Indonesia's Got Talent
Shaquilla Rahmadina Sings "Time To Say Goodbye" - SEMIFINAL 2 - Indonesia's Got Talent
Paris Morgan - 13 year old - Australia's Got Talent 2013 - Audition 
9 years old girl showed aerial acrobatics on Ukraine's Got Talent.
You Raise Me Up - Jeffrey Li and Celine Tam
Young girl dancing on the pylon! Watch show «Ukraine Got Talent».
Pole Dance by little girl - Got Talent 2017
Amazing Pole Dance - Got Talent 2017
Beautiful aerial silk dancing. What said the Judges? - Got Talent 2017
Диана Серкина и Вероника Цой. Україна має талант Діти-2. Выпуск 9. Девятый кастинг от 29.04.2017

Diana Serkyna and Veronica Tsoi. Ukraine Got Talent
She is the best in gymnastics despite her young age - Got Talent 2017
Cute speech by a little princess - Got Talent 2017
Bright and sweet singing of a little girl - Got Talent 2017
Little girl creates cartoons - Got Talent 2017
The most touching performance of 7-year-old girl! - Got Talent 2017
Naughty dog forced  a little girl to cry on Ukraine's Got Talent.
Little genius girl on Ukraine's Got Talent.
Time for tears - The judges choose 30 semifinalists. Part 3. Season 8
The judges choose 30 semifinalists. Part 4. Season 8
The judges choose 30 semifinalists. Part 5. Season 8
Instant Changing Dress Color Magic Show
Вероника Морская - "Ой ти жайворонку" - ILLARIA "Україна має талант-9".Діти-2 ФИНАЛ [27.05.2017]
Вероника Морская - Квiтка-Душа - Невероятный голос перепела Нину Матвиенко в 5 лет на "УМТ".Діти-2
Вероника Морская - Just hear this unique voice - Ukraine Got Talent 2017 | The First Semifinal