Emilie Sunshine


b 2004

Madisonville, Tn.

EmiSunshine or Emilie Sunshine Hamilton (born 2004) is an American country music singer/songwriter from Madisonville, Tennessee, who captured the nation's attention through her viral social media presence. Her performance of Jimmie Rodgers’ “Blue Yodel No. 6” was posted on YouTube in 2014 and has become a viral hit with over 1 million views that gained attention from the Today show (NBC) and Music Row. Her new YouTube series, Americana Corner, featured Holly Williams for its debut episode and earned a feature story in Rolling Stone's, Rolling Stone Country section.    

Emi on the Today Show
Amazing Grace (House of the Rising Sun)
EmiSunshine's Americana Corner - Tanya Tucker
Emi's Corner
                              Emi's Corner
                                 Emi's Corner
                                Emi's Corner
"American Dream" - EmiSunshine (Music Video)
EmiSunshine Black & White - "Sugaree" - Grateful Dead Cover
EmiSunshine - "Mom" (Garth Brooks cover)
EmiSunshine - "Coat Of Many Colors"
EmiSunshine - "Oh, Carry Me Home" - CXCW 2015
Emi Sunshine - "I Am Able" (LYRIC VIDEO)

EmiSunshine "Jolene" Dolly Parton Cover

EmiSunshine "Blue Yodel #6" Live
"Amazing Grace" Cover - EmiSunshine
EmiSunshine "Jackson" ]ohnny & June Cover
Emi Sunshine "Folsom Prison Blues"

EmiSunshine "Oh Mary Don't You Weep" Cover

EmiSunshine "Little Black Bird" Original Song

EmiSunshing singing "God on the Mountain"
EmiSunshine "A Year Times Ten" Original Song
American Dream Recordings with EmiSunshine
"Bottom of the Sea" - EmiSunshine
"Sweet Lillie" - EmiSunshine
EmiSunshine - "I Am Who I Am"
EmiSunshine - Live From Smoky Mountain Songwriter Festival
EmiSunshine - "Fortunate Son"
EmiSunshine - "A Year Times Ten"