Desiree Bassett

New Haven Conn. DoB Sept 11th, 1992


 Desirée Apolonio Bassett (born September 11, 1992) is an American rock music guitarist and recording artist. She has performed alongside mainline performers such as Sammy HagarTed NugentLiving ColourBarry Goudreau, the Marshall Tucker Band and members of the Allman Brothers Band. She has released two studio albums and has performed on both coasts of the United States.


Desiree Bassett performs


Jimi Hendrix REINCARNATED! 15 Yr old Desiree Bassett shreds!


Desiree' Bassett playing Little Boy Blues


Desiree Bassett at WHUS FM, Storrs CT


Sammy Hagar & Desiree Bassett, MGM, Foxwoods, 7-20-08


Desiree Bassett and the Time Machine # 3


Dickey Betts and Desiree' Bassett - In Memory of Liz Reed


Desiree Bassett @ TSB Showplace -G-TARanaki 2010


Desiree' Bassett - WHY -@ G-TARanaki festival 2010


Desiree' jams with Ted Nugent


Desiree Bassett - A Kool New Way


Desiree' Bassett - " Dreams" live


Desiree' Bassett - Live -'Cause We Ended As Lovers


Desireé Apolonio Bassett


Desiree' Bassett HD Live with Ghost Chat performing "Because I'm Bored" from her up-coming CD!!