Celine Tam Tsz-kwan
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Name: Tan Zhiyun
English name: Celine Tam
Date of birth: 22nd November 2007
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Gender: Female 
Education: Elementary School Year 3
Interests: singing, dancing, playing piano, painting, drama
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite color: yellow, pink and turquoise.
9 year old stuns crowd with "My Heart Will Go On - AGT 2017
                          Celine finally gets the golden buzzer she should have gotten in the earlier round. 
With Jeffrey Li on China's Got Talent - You Raise Me Up.
National Day flag raising ceremony.
Top Of The World
Top Of The World with Steve Tam (dad)
My Destiny

                                                      譚芷昀6歲巨肺 - 南泥灣 中國新聲代

You Raise Me Up
Singing with father
My Heart Will Go On
I Will Always Love You
You Raise Me Up
For the First Time in Forever (Frozen) Cover by 6 year old Celine

"For the first time in forever" (Frozen) Cover by 6 year old Celine Tam

My Motherland

Celine Tam For the first time in forever

Let It Go from Frozen. Vocal cover by Celine aged 6.
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson covered by Celine Tam
Sunday Family - Let It Go
You Raise Me Up


ABBA - Happy New Year - cover by Celine and Daddy

Happy Valentine- My Heart Will Go On by Celine and Dr. Steve

That's The Way It Is by Celine and Dr. Steve

             我們大聲唱歌 - 香港小巨肺 

Celine & Steve Tam (Mashup/Transformation)

Celine singing live on Facebook - Practicing for exams for Rock School

Q & A with Celine