Celine Tam Tsz-kwan
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Name: Tan Zhiyun
English name: Celine Tam
Date of birth: 22nd November 2007
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Gender: Female 
Education: Elementary School Year 3
Interests: singing, dancing, playing piano, painting, drama
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite color: yellow, pink and turquoise.

                  Celine Tam: 9-Year-Old Stuns Crowd with "My                      Heart Will Go On" - America's Got Talent 2017

              Celine Tam, 9, into next round of America’s Got Talent

Celine finally gets the golden buzzer she should have gotten in the earlier round. 

                 National Day flag raising ceremony Celine Tam

            譚芷昀 & J. Arie & Gille - Top of The World ○ 香港亞   洲流行音樂節2016

Top of the world - Steve Tam & Celine Tam

My Destiny

譚芷昀6歲巨肺 - 南泥灣 中國新聲代

You Raise Me Up
Singing with father
My Heart Will Go On
I Will Always Love You
You Raise Me Up

"For the first time in forever" (Frozen) Cover by 6 year old Celine Tam

                 魯冰花 - 譚芷昀 Celine Tam - 南方电视台少儿频道六一晚会

My Motherland

Celine Tam For the first time in forever

                Let It Go - 6 yrs old Vocal Cover - Frozen by 谭芷昀      Celine Tam

              Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen covered by 香港小       巨肺 Celine Tam 譚芷昀

                   Sunday Family】新小巨肺譚芷昀Celine 最愛唱    Let it go

You Raise Me Up

             ABBA "Happy New Year" Celine Tam and Daddy

         Happy Valentine! My Heart Will Go On & on! by Celine       & Dr. Steve

             That's The Way It Is - Celine Tam 譚芷昀 & Dr. Steve

             我們大聲唱歌 - 香港小巨肺 

          Celine & Steve Tam - 酒矸倘賣無 (Mashup / Transformation)

             Celine singing live on Facebook - Practicing for exams      for Rock School

           Q&A with Celine Tam