Alma Deutscher  

Dorking, Surrey, England

 UK - 2005 

Parents: Guy Deutscher and Janie Steen
Updated 25th February 2019
Alma on BBC Radio 3 - 20th May, 2017


Alma Deutscher, Piano Concerto (world premiere, July 2017)

 Alma Deutscher, born 2005, is a composer, violinist and pianist. She started playing the piano when she was two years old and the violin when she was three. Soon afterwards she started improvising simple melodies on the piano. Her attempts at composition started aged four, when she began writing an opera about a pirate called Don Alonzo.
When she was 6, she composed her first full piano sonata, and at 7 she composed a very short opera called The Sweeper of Dreams. There followed various compositions for violin, piano, and chamber ensembles. Aged 9, Alma wrote a concerto for violin and orchestra, which she premiered in 2015 with the Oviedo Filarmonía and also played with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Her first symphonic piece, Dance of the Solent Mermaids was also premiered in 2015.  
Aged 10, Alma finished a full length opera, Cinderella. A chamber version of the opera was performed in Israel in 2015, and the full version will be premiered in Vienna in December 2016.
As a soloist on both violin and piano, Alma has appeared in England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Uruguay, USA, Israel, and Japan. She has also performed in prestigious events, including Google's Zeitgeist, alongside speakers such as Physicist Stephen Hawking. 
Alma’s first CD, The Music of Alma Deutscher was released in 2013, featuring a selection of her compositions up to age 8. Alma has featured prominently in the international press and broadcastmedia, including the Ellen Degeneres Show in the US. Her YouTube channel has nearly 3 million views.

Slow Movement from Alma Deutscher's Piano Concerto
Shine Holy Ray of Love - from Cinderella by Alma Deutscher
Alma Deutscher - Cinderella:Up In The Sky
The Star of Hope - from Alma Deutscher's Cinderella
Cinderella: I Must Get Rid Of Her
Cinderella's Ballad: "When the day falls into darkness", from Alma Deutscher's opera, Cinderella
Nahe des Geliebten (near the beloved) by Alma Deutscher
Violin Concerto in G minor (2017)
Quartet movement in A major by Alma Deutscher (7)
Alma (8) on Intermezzo with Arik, Jan. 2014
Why music should be beautiful.
Cinderella by Alma Deutscher on Austrian TV - 19.12.2016
"I'm a little Alma, not a little Mozart" - BBC News
Watch a prodigy create - from four notes in a hat.
How 11 year old prodigy composed an opera.
Music prodigy, 11, readies for first opera's debut
At Henley Festival
Short report on German television on the last rehearsals for Cinderella
BBC Breakfast, 17 Nov. 2015.
Violinist and Pianist - The World Around Us
Alma, seven, writes opera , The Sweeper of Dreams
Alma: jeune prodige de 8 an en concert a Crans-Montana
Cinderella. Opera by Alma Deutscher (b2005). Act 1
Bach Concerto for 2 pianos in C minor, Tanja Zhou and Alma Deutscher
Bach Concerto for 2 violins BWV 1043 (on Intermezzo with Arik)
Dance of the Solent Mermaids, by Alma Deutscher (b. 2005)
3rd mov. of Violin Concerto by Alma Deutscher (9)
Alma playing Mozart Piano Concerto K.246, with cadenza by Alma Deutscher
Early chamber version of Alma's opera, Cinderella, from 2015 (Sung in Hebrew. Act 1).
Cinderella by Alma Deutscher. Act 2
2nd movement from Violin Concerto by Alma Deutscher (9): Romanza
Trio movement for violin, viola and piano, composed by Alma Deutscher, 2014
Variations in E-flat major by Alma Deutscher
Eduard Marxsen: Sonata in B-flat major (1). Alma Deutscher
Alma (8) on Intermezzo with Arik, Jan 2014
The Night Before Christmas - music by Alma Deutscher
The Sweeper of Dreams. An opera by Alma Deutscher (aged 7).
Quartet movement in G major, Rondo, by Alma Deutscher (8)
Alma in the recording studio - Rondo from Piano Sonata by Alma Deautscher
Rondo in Eb maj. Composed by Alma Deutscher (7)
Scarlatti: Sonata in F# minor, March 2013
Alma Deutscher (7): Improvisation on Hänschen Klein
Quartet movement in A major by Alma Deutscher (7)
Alma Deutscher (7) playing Beriot, Violin Concerto no. 9 - 1. Dec 2102
Nokia Ringtone joke - compose by Alma Deutscher (7), Oct. 2012.
Alma Deutscher (7) improvising on the piano, Oct. 2012
Alma Deutscher (aged 6) improvising on the piano, Nov. 2011
Alma Deutscher (7) plays The Bee by Francois Schubert of Dresden (1808-1878)
Alma Deutscher (7) and Tobias Gramm improvising on the organ, Feb. 2012
Alma Deutscher (aged 6) playing Seitz, Violin Concerto no. 3 (Keshet Eilon, 2011)
Alma Deutscher (aged 5) improvising on the organ, Chromatic Fantasia
The Sweeper of Dreams. An opera by Alma Deutscher (aged 7)
Quartet movement in G major, Rondo, by Alma Deutscher (8).
Alma in the recording studio - Rondo from Piano Sonata by Alma Deutscher
Sonata in E-flat by Alma Deutscher (aged 6), Il-Fantasia (composed Oct. 2011)
Sonata in E-flat major by Alma Deutscher (aged 6) - I moderato (composed Nov. 2011)
Improvisation in G minor - Alma aged 6