Sina - Drums page 2

AC/DC drum tutorial by Sina

How to play Jump (Van Halen); drum tutorial by Sina

How to play Smoke On The Water; drum tutorial by Sina

How to play 'Pull Me Under' (Dream Theater); drum tutorial by Sina

Barracuda (Heart Cover); Sina feat. Victoria K and friends

Sultans Of Swing; Tribute by 'Dire Straits UK' with Sina

You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover); Sina feat 'Wings Of Pegasus'

Entre Dos Tierras (Héroes Del Silencio); Sina feat Arthur & Andrei

Highway To Hell (AC/DC Cover), Sina feat Clarissa Mae & Lucy Gowen

Te Amo (Rihanna Cover); Sina feat Charlotte Zone

Roundabout (Yes); Split screen cover by Sina & friends

Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover); Sina feat Charlotte Zone

Sina presents: YourSongBook (Best Collaborations in 2017)

Parisienne Walkways (Gary Moore Cover); Sina feat Andrei Cerbu

Pull Me Under (Dream Theater); drum cover by Sina

The Best Of Times (Dream Theater); Drum Cover by Sina

Dream Theater - Take The Time (drum cover by Sina)

Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt.1: drum cover by 14 year old girl

Sina at the age of 15 - messing around with Dream Theater

Dream Theater - Another Day: drum cover by Sina

Summer Rolling - Sina drums........ A summer song, inspired by our favorite John Lee Hooker Riff. Thanks for that and thanks to Milena for rolling in front of us and thanks to daddy for playing the less import instruments :)

Latin Lover (by Sina)

Featuring the vocals of Alyona Yarushina and Marcos Manzanedo. My dad wrote and recorded this little tune back in 2007. Then he waited for me to record the drum part and only 10 years later, here we go!

Latin Jam; Sina feat. Andrei Cerbu

Andrei is a 14 y.o. Romanian blues guitarist. On Tuesday, he sent me a mail, asking for a collaboration. I took a look at his YouTube channel (just like you should do and after 3 seconds I said 'sure'. I suggested that he might jam along to a track that was supposed to go on my album 'Chi Might' (but it didn’t). I sent him an excerpt of the track and after like 10 minutes (felt) he returned this. I hope you like our little instrumental jam.

Then And Now - Sina feat. Mark Banning & James Stader

No, Sir (I Won't Play In My Underwear); Original by Sina

Summer Salsa (by Sina)

This is another original song, written by my dad, played by both of us.

Cajóns on fire (by Sina)

Lazy girl (original song) by Sina on drums & piano

Pink Floyd goes TOTO (Style & Groove Study)

Country Girl Goes Prog (Sina 2015)

Exploring Subdivisions (by Sina)

Rapper's Delight; (Cover by Sina)

Smoke On The Water; Guitar Riff played on drums (by Sina)

Highway To Hell; Guitar Riff played on drums (by Sina)

Beat It; Guitar Riff played on drums (by Sina)

Van Halen - Right Now; piano, drum, guitar, bass cover by Sina

Money For Nothing; Drums & Guitar Intro by Sina

T.N.T. (AC/DC); drum cover by Sina


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