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The reason that I have blocked this site is that the web provider, Yola - - is supplying my personal contact details - name, home address and telephone number to absolutely anybody who asks for them. Consequently, I am being barraged by nuisance phone calls and emails from so called professional website builders who want to take over the construction of my sites. I'm also being threatened by a Russian who claims to be the parent of one of the girls on this site, stating that I had no right to copy videos and photos of her/his daughter. He/she signs the message thus: Законный представитель, 
Ксении Захаровой which translates into our language as     Ksenia Zakharova  legal representative,

First of all, if this doesn't doesn't want this happening, she/he shouldn't plaster videos and images of his/her daughter all over the internet. I wouldn't do that if she were my daughter if I didn't want others to link them.   He/she should NOT engage the 'SHARE' facility on You Tube. Incidentally, the videos are not copied, they are merely linked to the YouTube site they were posted on. Furthermore, there is an announcement on the front page of my site that states if anyone doesn't wish for their videos etc. to be included on the site, to use the contact details and say so, after which they will be taken down. They don't have to be nasty about it, a polite request is all that is needed.
I've had other threats of litigation, last year from someone claiming to represent Ariana Grande following the Manchester bombing.

I would like to add that most people whose videos and photos are on the site are actually delighted that they are there. Many parents contact me to ask that their daughters be added to the site. There is no gain being made from this site. It actually costs me money, I don't make anything or attempt to. I just thought it would be a nice idea where people can find a lot of videos attributed to a particular artist more easily than surfing the net for them. I just did all the surfing for them. 

Well, the site has been running for about 8 or 9 years and I pay annual subscriptions to Yola and this is the way they thank me. I was never aiming to upset or take anything from anyone. Thanks to all who have supported the site in the past. It took nine years to build it and about 10 seconds to collapse it. Very best wishes to all...... Bill.

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