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A video of Killard House School Choir is currently wowing the internet as it shows a 10 year old girl from Northern Ireland singing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ with her class mates.

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The Best Little Girl Singers on America's Got Talent.

Girls can do anything. 

By the time you get done surfing this site, you'll have no doubts about that.         

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Home of some of the 

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If this isn't the biggest girl talent site on the web, I'd like to know what is.

If anyone is unhappy about their details being included on this site or the accuracy of anything contained therein, or indeed, if you think that you and/or your child should be included, a request to the supplied email address will have it either removed, added or amended. The purpose of this site and the intention of the creator of it is not to exploit or profit from anyone or to gain glory  at others' expense; it's just the product of a nice idea and helps the artists gain even more recognition of what they're good at. The fundamental intention is to spread awareness of the artists whose pages are added to the site on an 'all under one roof basis'. Hopefully, this will enlighten other people as to the existence and brilliance of these great artists of the future, thereby possibly aiding the  advancement of the children's careers.

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